Busy Times

Streaming is proving to be enjoyable! It’s fun to interact, albeit infrequently, with people who are watching and interested in what you’re doing. I do not have much of a following at the moment, but that is okay, it’s only just started.

This week I’m going to finish the set. Things fell behind schedule last week, due to some unforeseen events, and there’s lots going on this weekend so I have to utilize the time available before that starts.


mid-week update

I’ve successfully started to stream over on twitch, I was hoping to stream on YouTube, but they will only verify with a phone number. That feels too personal to just hand out and stream from though. It’s fairly fun and I’m enjoying it so far, even if my laptop is not. My user name is “rebeccatighe” but this may change in the future as I develop my online presence.

The bakery is coming along smoothly- its very definately resemebling on I used to visit frequently before I started to go to school, so that has inspired the inclusion of some of the simple treats I enjoyed from them as a young child. I am struggling with getting the lighting that I want from Arnold- regularly scenes are too dark and I have realised that my primary monitor might be blowing out colours somewhat.

Outside of 3d modeling, I did some baking yesterday, resulting in some of the best simple cupcakes of my life. I’m delighted with how they taste. It’s really got me in the mood to try something a little bit more challenging. I have also tried to put half an hour a day into working on and developing short film ideas for the future.


This weeks looking like a good time to set up streaming- I’ve been researching this for a while and I’m excited to start trying it out. Hopefully it will help get my confidence presenting my work up, and increase the speed I model at. I dont know if I would stream the whole process-but it will start with the modeling. I also think that it would link well with the process videos I am trying to do once a week.

I hope to finish lighting and shading in the bedroom I started earlier this summer, and to finish the modeling for the bakery. There is also a script that I hope to finish over the nest two weeks.

Outside of my work, it would be nice to get outside and draw a bit more. Earlier in the summer was too hot, sunny and bright to enjoy being out for long portions of the day, but the weather has since calmed down. It would also be nice to do a little more baking.

Low Poly

Between working on more cakes for the bakery this week, I’ve been breaking it up by working on some very low poly gifs of food. The aim of these were¬† to create something reasonably finished and to get it online within an hour. Some of these have been more successful then others, the Jammy dodger for example

I feel it looks to blocky and shield like- and a lot less like the biscuit. The over metallic shader also reinforces the shield look.
One of the later ones, the sandwich, I am much happier with. It’s lower quality as my laptop is currently struggling to render. I think I was more in the swing of modelling at this point which also helped, and I had practiced working at such a low poly level.


Sweet Bakery

This week I plan to focus on developing my digital bakery further. Having recently returned from France, I have new references and ideas to develop. This will begin with some preparatory drawings and designs, and hopefully by the end of the week have begun to develop into the first models and rough shading, lighting and texturing.

The cakes offer a lot of room to play with shapes textures and themes. The challenge lies in making it look as it is, icing, sponge buttercream, jam and sprinkles. The different types of icing and they way that they hold shapes differently.

Currently I primarily work with Maya 2016 and V-Ray, however through this project I hope to develop my familiarity with Maya 2017, MASH and Arnold. In college we touched on using MASH, but it is by far the least familiar to me. I look forward to learning what you can do with it.