Painting Module

For this module I started with the some of the images I had gathered in the photography module.
Digital Cameras do not create a record of light present at a time, but rather a set of instructions to recreate what was detected by the digital sensor as pixels for a screen. With the opening and closing of the Digital Image, it changes.
Similarly when remembering a memory, the Memory is not the recollection of the time itself, but rather the last time you recalled the the Memory. In each recollection it changes.
This body of work exists as a record of intersecting thoughts, the paintings build from this relationship between digital imaging, and memory. An overlap between a physical place, and psychological one.

tigherebeccapainting TigheRebeccaNightlinks TigheRebeccaPainting3 TigheRebeccaPainting4 TigheRebeccapainting5