Finished Filming

This week we finished production of our film. Our last tedious day of filming wound down and was successful. I helped out with the filming. A lot of what my job entailed was keeping people out of shot- and for some other scenes I was an extra. This was a more enjoyable day of filming the the studio days. there was no tension and it was an interesting set of challenges, managing consistent light, a keeping track of daylight and weather.

Alongside this, this week a lot of the film work ended up focusing on editing and trying to get the animatic together. I have to update the asset tracker as we are rearranging the distribution of the 3d models. This is because there are some people struggling to make what they have been given and we are letting them use their time on getting a single “portfolio” piece.

I’ve been trying to push forward with the creature sculpt. I’ve finalized all for the creature designs and the specific lamps that we needed. This is great so we can all start to push forward on the sculpts for the film. I got a necessary kick to move forward with some of the colour pallet and work that I need to do for the overall look of the film. I can’t wait until we have the first cute of the film so that I can get a sense of the timing and distribution of the scenes. We desperately need an animatic or storyboards pulled together.

I’ve found the attitudes in the class better overall, but there are still some sour grapes who can’t work together with others. There is a a big problem with some of the lads getting argumentative about criticism and workload. This is something that I am getting better at working alongside. I do not feel that some of these classmates are respecting me at the moment though and that is frustrating.

I finished the head sculpt that we started at the start of November. I’m really happy with the feedback I got today, I have minimal fixes left mostly on angels and curves which is not going to take me long. Over the Christmas break, I’m aiming to do a few study pieces of faces and anatomy. I also want to create a short advert as a portfolio piece. It is important that I have a show reel for January in college so that I can start to get clear feedback on what I need to do.

Where are the Licenses

There are 3 weeks left before the college closes for Christmas. As of yet, the license for V-Ray has not been resolved, neither¬† has the one for nuke. We can not link out personal Nuke accounts together or onto the ones in the college which means that we cant work together to composite. This is very frustrating as an issue, while it doesn’t directly affect my current work, it’s making people hesitant to work.

I’m really looking forward to Christmas! It’s going to be really nice this year. I’ve been crocheting lots of snowflakes for decorations, and other pretty chains. It’s nice and has been really really enjoyable.